SSCC's newest programming in collaboration with the Norfolk County Sheriff's Office offers students in grades 6-12 an opportunity to explore arts leadership through self-discovery and creative projects. On Friday, July 28th at CATS Academy in Braintree the inaugural FYV Cohort shared their personal identity projects in a final showcase for family, friends, and community members. These projects ranged from poetry, visual art, graphic design, songwriting, performance art, and more.

FYV Student Adriana Mendes wrote and shared the following poem at the showcase. SSCC is excited for and proud of our first cohort of Find Your Voice students. We are moved and inspired by your brave acts of vulnerability through the arts, and hope that you will carry these lessons with you as you head into the school year!


Embracing My Identity

by Adriana Mendes

SSCC Find Your Voice Inaugural Cohort

With every breath I take, I come alive,
Embracing my identity, ready to strive.

For too long, I conformed to others' ideals,
But now, I stand tall, breaking those seals.
No longer restrained, I spread my wings wide,
Unapologetically, my true self resides.

I wear my Caribbean and Cape-Verdean heritage as a badge of pride,
With every step I take, it's by my side.
My Indo-Afro roots, a wellspring of culture and grace
My name, a testament to strength, my family a warm embrace.

I shine in the face of adversity's glare,
Stronger with the values I bear.
Compassion, integrity, love, and respect,
These core principles, I’ll never neglect.

No longer held back by societal norms,
I dance to the beat of my own form
In embracing my true self, I find liberation,
A self-discovery that brings celebration.

So I let my light illuminate the darkest night,
A guiding star, shining so bright.
Embrace your identity, and let it unfold,
As our true self resides, happiness and joy will be told