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I will always be grateful to SSCC for giving me a safe place to be freely and unapologetically true to who I am.

About Us

Where we began...

Singing is a part of the human experience, and every child should have the opportunity to learn how to use their unique voice.

In January 2016, Kirsten (Shetler) Oberoi felt compelled to create a community that offered an inclusive singing community to children in her hometown of Quincy, MA. With the help of colleague Carey Shunskis, South Shore Children's Chorus was born.

The individual is the priority; the music is the vessel, and excellence is the byproduct.

Our Values

Singing in the shower counts as experience.
Singing in your bedroom counts as passion.
We're here to accept you as you are, and help you reach goals - both musical and personal - that you never thought possible.
We value learning over knowing, and hopes each of our students learns to the best of their ability while engaged in our community.

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No Auditions

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Quality Repertoire

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Healthy Technique

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Safe and Welcoming Environment

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Joyful and Passionate Teaching Staff

Our Mission

The mission of the South Shore Children’s Chorus is to provide quality musical education and vocal training to students living in the South Shore communities and beyond. SSCC keeps the development and well-being of our students as our top priority, and aims to create a safe space and loving community for choristers to learn, to grow, and to find their own voice.

SSCC welcomes singers in grades K-12, and is passionate about offering the experience of learning to use their voice to any child, regardless of financial situation or prior experience.

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