An ideal SSCC Staff Member is...

Inclusive – SSCC’s mission makes our programming accessible to all who enroll. There are no auditions to participate in any program, meaning that our students come from a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds, and are very diverse. An ideal candidate agrees with this philosophy, and furthermore, thrives in this type of environment and is excited about it. 

Wholehearted – At SSCC, the priority is the individual, music is the vessel by which we connect and create, and excellence and inspiration is the byproduct. We expect every SSCC staff member to be invested in students individually. Staff Members must learn names, correct pronunciations, and pronouns of our students, respecting their identities fully. 

Joyful – In every SSCC gathering there is laughter. While moments of emotion do enter our space, we expect every SSCC Staff Member to teach from a place of joy, and to keep sarcasm and negativity out of any SSCC communication or gathering.

Collaborative & Communicative – In order to be collaborative and work as a team, SSCC Staff must respectfully communicate and reserve time to spend planning and preparing for rehearsals and performances. Trusting and respecting other staff members and their time is imperative to creating space for our singers.

Flexible - SSCC rehearsals and spaces are unique, and the choral repertoire performed spans many genres. To become a member of the SSCC Artistic Staff, one must have a flexible vocal technique and appreciation for all genres/styles of choral music. Flexible teaching styles are necessary for the range of students that our programs reach.

Creative - At SSCC, we encourage our staff to be creative in the classroom. We are particularly excited about activities that require motion/kinesthetics! We believe in motivating students through engaging, unique, and creative activities. Let your imagination run wild, and let’s figure out how to make your idea happen!

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